Jacked Muscle Terrier

The dog has never skipped leg day and will never leave your side unless he is out sprinting you to the gym

Shredded Squirrel

This Squirrel never skips the gym. All natural, this squirrel never takes a day off. Most importantly he will lift anything you need him to.

Jacked Joey

This kangaroo will help you improve your hops no matter what. Improve your vertical 20 inches training with joey for only one day!

Weight Lifting Winnie The Pooh

Winnie doesn’t only love honey. He will help spot you at the gym while becoming very swole in the process

Tony the Tiger

Loves the idea of a well balanced breakfast. Thinks working out is life, because it's grrreat.

Girthy Gorilla

This gorilla is a monster and will teach you how to properly lift. Don't get him mad though, this girth ball is trained in the art of karate.

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