Fuzzy Wuzzy and Snuggabear

These two fuzzy friends are the perfect partners to sleep with. Fuzzy Wuzzy will tuck you in at night, while Suggabear will snuggle with you while you sleep! 


Max and Ruby

This iconic duo has been around since we were all kids, and now it’s time to personally care for them!


Fuzzy Foursome

Who doesn’t want to be apart of this foursome?

Sunny & Pedals

Sunny and Pedals love to play outdoors! Why not join their play date and have a great time?


Bambi and Peanut

These two animals are very friendly and will be at your side at all times!


Terry and Beatrice

Terry and Beatrice will comfort you whenever you need. They will be by your side at all times.


Skipper and Pete

Skipper and Pete are the cutest duo ever! Pete the Elephant will put Skipper on his shoulders to reach new heights, it will be the cutest thing you’ll ever see!


Jake & Bac

This tiger and pig duo will show there true stripes and help protect you from any dangers that you will face.